Weider Power Tower Review

The Weider Power Tower home gym equipment is designed for isolated and compound upper-body workouts, targeting the chest, shoulders, arms, back and core area. It’s an upgraded version of the popular Weider 200 Power Tower station.

The Weider Power Tower is resistant and durable, featuring a sturdy tubular steel frame and padded handgrips, back and arm rests. This machine is stylish and secure. Well, it’s secure if you have under 250 pounds, as that’s a maximum weight supported on this station.

Design and features

The Weider Power Tower station has a sturdy frame and a user-friendly design, being a comfortable and reliable piece of home gym equipment. Its dimensions are 84″H x 31″W x 44″L, which is not bad for storage.

The machine is well built, made of steel tubes and featuring padded handles for a comfortable and safe grip during workouts. The padded arms and backrests reduce the risk of injuries at a minimum and make trainings enjoyable by offering a perfect fit and protection during the toughest exercises.

Given that all the routines performed on this machine involve using the bodyweight, they train all the important muscle groups in the upper body and tone the lower body as well.

The Weider Power Tower offers a lot of space for performing wide, close and underhand pull-ups. It features a padded bar for resting on the feet and decreasing resistance during pull-ups, as well as platforms for calf raises and handles for triceps dips and abs toning exercises.

Versatility of use

The Weider Power Tower home gym machine allows you to perform a wide range of exercises for all important muscle groups in your body:

  • Push-ups done using the padded handles on the station are great for toning the arms, chest and core muscles.
  • Pull-ups performed using the special bar incorporated in the Weider Power Tower are excellent for building stronger muscles in arms, shoulders and back.
  • You can perform triceps dips, which are ideal for toning and strengthening your chest and shoulders.
  • On the knee raise station, you can perform leg raises and hanging knee workouts, which are great for toning and strengthening the upper and lower abs as well as muscles in hips, legs and buttocks.
  • There are also steps on the bottom of the machine, which allows you to perform calf raise exercises.

Thanks to the padded backrest and arm supports, exercising on this machine is very comfortable and involves minimum risks as long as you maintain the proper position for each fitness routine.


Pros of the Weider Power Tower

  • Perhaps the most important advantage of this product is its affordable price. Considering the wide range of exercises that it allows, the Weider Power Tower is a great investment for anyone looking for an effective machine for home workouts.
  • Thanks to its incorporated pads and cushions, the device ensures comfortable workouts and reduces the risk of injury.

Cons of the Weider Power Tower

  • Since the Weider Power Tower uses user’s own weight to provide resistance, it limits the weight that you can work with. You should know that on these kinds of stations, there is no option to begin exercises with small weights and progressively increase it. Yes, you can put your feet on the bar to decrease resistance during pull-up sessions, but that’s about it. That means you start and you finish almost every exercise session with your bodyweight. That’s the reason why this machine isn’t the best choice for beginners and people that aren’t strong enough to lift and hold their own weight. Actually, I can’t say that it’s a machine drawback, as it’s designed for that types of exercises, but you have to be aware of it.


Weider Power Tower is a cheap but effective multi-functional home gym station, especially great for people interested in toning muscles in the upper body. With its knee raise and calf raise stations, you also have a possibility to tone your legs, waist and to strengthen your abs. The Weider Power Tower is a good choice if you want to build your own home gym with limited budget.

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