Reasons to buy exercise bike for your home gym

Exercise bike is often considered as the most convenient home gym machine for cardio workouts thanks to their accessible price, ease of use, workout possibilities and little maintenance required.

However, there are also negative aspects of exercise bikes and knowing them is essential before you decide to buy one for your home. If you are planning to build a home gym and you want to buy some effective and worthy fitness equipment, look at the following reasons why you should invest in an exercise bike.

1. Exercise bike provides a comfortable cardio workout

Whether we refer to recumbent or upright exercise bikes, the provided exercises are of low impact as they put less stress on joints and bones compared to treadmills or elliptical trainers. Thus, if you want to do cardio workouts for losing weight or improving stamina, but you cannot run on the treadmill or perform a hill climb on the cross trainer due to your painful joints, an exercise bike can be the right solution.

Just make sure to adjust the seat height and the resistance level so that your legs feel comfortable while working out. Furthermore, make sure to keep the back straight and to adopt a correct posture while on the bike, in order to avoid back and spine injuries.

2. Exercise bikes are very easy to use

The exercise bike is one of the easiest to use pieces of home gym equipment as most of the times it allows a single type of movement. Some models have movable handles for arm workouts, but most upright bikes as well as recumbent models usually provide a single type of workout, which is the regular biking.

This means you can successfully perform your cardio training sessions on the exercise bike without the need of reading or watching fitness DVDs and without requiring any help from a professional trainer. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced gym goer, you will find it extremely easy to do your cardio routine on an exercise bike.

3. Exercise bikes have adjustable features

As said, exercise bikes allow you to adjust the seat height, the resistance level and the speed as well as to set the distance you want to travel. These adjustable features make the machines very friendly to the user. Not to mention you can also monitor the burned calories and check the time left for the training session and the heart rate at any moment!

4. Exercise bikes have space-saving design

Both upright and recumbent exercise bikes take less space for storage than treadmills or cross trainers, so they are more space-efficient. They can fit any room and can be moved from one place to another easier than other workout stations. Moreover, some models fold so it is even easier to store them when you cannot work out for a couple of days.

5. Exercise bikes are great for calorie burning and muscle toning effect

Considered cardio machines, exercise bikes are good not only for burning calories and for improving stamina but for building stronger muscles in legs, buttocks and hips. Depending on the selected level of resistance and on the seat height, you can work your hamstrings, quadriceps, glutes and hip muscles in a more or less profound manner.

As already said, some exercise bikes have mobile handles so they can also be used for toning the arms and shedding off fats in the upper body. Moreover, speaking of fats, the longer you use an exercise bike, the more calories you burn and the more impressive your weight loss can be.

6. Exercise bikes have ergonomic design

Last on our list of positive aspects of exercise bikes is their ergonomic design, which ensures equal distribution of pressure and forces while working out. This means that you should not accuse back aches and joint pain if you adopt the proper posture and maintain a comfortable pace.

Still, some upright bikes are less comfortable than recumbent ones, especially if you do not opt for high-end machines. Thus, if you want to make sure your joints, bones and muscles will be in perfect shape after a cardio session on the exercise bike, you should consider investing in high-quality exercise bike.

At the end, to get the best value for your money, always check available reviews before buying a certain exercise bike. That will help you to find out what exercise bike is the best for your needs.