3 Reasons to Buy Dumbbells for Your Home Gym

Dumbbells should be included in every home gym. Period. The most obvious reasons are that they are easy to use and often are more affordable than other pieces of home gym equipment. And thanks to their versatility, you can incorporate them into both strength and cardio workouts.

However, dumbbells have a lot more benefits than most people think. They can build a muscular, lean and flawless body just like some high-end home gym machines. With the proper workout program, dumbbell set can be your number one ally in the battle against figure-destroying fat, excess pounds, lazy metabolic rates and weak muscles.

Check these main features and benefits that dumbbells can offer to you.

1. You can adjust the resistance

Dumbbell sets come in both classic and adjustable forms. Adjustable dumbbells allow you to change the weight on the dumbbell itself by adding weight plates, or by selecting weight using weight selectors. On the other hand, classic or regular dumbbells come with set weight, which you can’t change. There are pros and cons for both types of dumbbells, but their main characteristic – muscle building – is the same. While you will need a set of regular dumbbells to be able to exercise with different weights, you can achieve the same with only one pair of adjustable dumbbells.  By allowing you to workout with different weights, dumbbell sets can be just as effective in building leaner and stronger muscles as home gym machines are.

You can work your arms, core, legs and buttocks by incorporating dumbbells in your daily fitness routine and increasing weight to the maximum you can handle. This way, you force your muscles to use their maximum potential and by contracting rhythmically, they strengthen and become larger.

It really doesn’t matter what type of dumbbells you will buy, but make sure they include various weights. There are regular dumbbell sets, as well as adjustable dumbbells for everyone’s needs, so it isn’t hard to find dumbbells for your specific fitness needs or muscle building goals. My favorite adjustable dumbbells are definitely Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells.

Heavier dumbbells will provide an intense full-body workout. They can be even more effective then home gym machines when it comes to training the biceps, triceps, shoulders, forearms, legs and glutes.

2. Dumbbells are very versatile

Dumbbell sets are among the most versatile pieces of home gym equipment, as they allow you to perform almost any type of exercise. You can use them for aerobic or cardio exercises, and then turn them into explosive metabolism-boosting activities just by choosing heavier weights.

Dumbbell sets, unlike home gym machines, have the advantage of providing resistance during dynamic movements, regardless of the rhythm, speed or range of motion.

Fitness machines are more limited compared to these versatile tools, as they limit the range of motion, and they allow a maximum level of resistance. In addition, with dumbbell sets, you can build strong muscles by varying resistance, direction, speed and range of motion during the same exercise.

Not to mention they are easy to transport, so you can take them with you even when travelling, for some holiday’s training sessions.

3. Dumbbells are cost-effective

Perhaps the most important reason for investing in dumbbell sets when creating a home gym is that these are the best home gym tools for improving your appearance and shape without spending a fortune.

Dumbbell sets, no matter how expensive they are, are always more affordable than high-end machines for full body workouts, but their benefits to your shape, tone and weight loss can be pretty similar. Also, any fitness machine will only allow you to perform certain movements and types of exercises.

By training all the important muscle groups and speeding up metabolism, dumbbells also speed up the reduction of body fat and can turn even the chubbiest body into a lean, muscular and nicely shaped figure.

It doesn’t matter are you building home gym on a budget, or you are willing to buy the best home gym equipment on the market, it’s definitely worth investing in the best dumbbell set you can afford.