Marcy Diamond MD2109 100-Pound Stack Gym

Marcy Diamond MD2109 Review

The Marcy Diamond MD2109 is an entry-level home gym, designed for people who want a resistance workout, but who aren’t interested in “bulking up” like a bodybuilder. The 100-pound stack is much less than the Marcy 150 which only costs about $80 more, so you’ll have to keep that in mind while you read this review.


  • Footprint: 62” L x 41” W x 81” H
  • Unit Weight: 207 Pounds
  • 100-Pound Weight Stack
  • Linear Pulley Bearings
  • 2-Year Warranty

Design & Features

The MD2109 offers a very small footprint for home users who have a limited amount of space available to store a home gym. It will fit comfortably in the corner of any room.

Considering it’s only 207 pounds in total, it’s reasonable to assume that two adults could easily move it around when assembled; though you won’t be able to take it from one room to another when assembled, unless you have a custom 3.5′ wide door in your home!

One unique feature, which might be considered a drawback to some of you, is the weights used on this machine. They’re concrete with a plastic covering. This feature makes the MD2109 great for use in an upstairs bedroom or apartment building with thin walls. Any room/area with wood flooring magnifies the sound of steel plates considerably, whereas the concrete/plastic combo “selectorized” plates make very little noise at all.

The MD2109 also offers a decent workout, with the following stations included:

  • High Pulley: lat pulldowns, pullovers, pressdowns, ab crunches, etc.
  • Low Pulley: seated rows, standing bicep curls, preachers (adjustable cushion attachment included), lateral raises, leg raises, etc.
  • Leg Station: extensions and ham curls.
  • Chest Press
  • Pec Flyes

Pros of the Marcy Diamond MD2109 100-Pound Stack Gym:

  • Very affordable at just over $300.
  • Can work all major muscle groups.
  • Super small footprint.
  • Lightweight, easy to move if needed.
  • Quiet linear bearing technology on pulleys.
  • No slamming sound when the stack weights hit each other.
  • Safe, no chance of getting trapped under weights or injured.
  • Oversized foam rollers on leg and pec flye station for maximum comfort.
  • Adjustable preacher bench.
  • Looks really sharp.
  • 2-year manufacturer warranty.

Cons of the Marcy Diamond MD2109 100-Pound Stack Gym:

  • Not very much weight for progressive strength routines.
  • No compound leg movement (i.e., squat, leg press.)
  • No adjustments for changing seat height.
  • No adjustments for changing roller position on leg station.
  • Concrete/plastic weights may damage easily compared to steel plates.
  • Cables appear very thin, meaning they may need to be replaced at some point.
  • No foot plate on seated row station.


There’s no reason that I wouldn’t recommend the MD2109 to anyone, provided they only want it for toning and circuit training workouts. You simply will not be able to add more weight to this machine ever, which makes for a significant drawback if you want to get bigger or stronger, or you decide you do want to in the future.

If you want a machine that’s easy to work with, which doesn’t take up much room in your house or apartment, the MD2109 will definitely do the trick. If you don’t need much weight, but would still like a little more room for strength gains, consider the Marcy 150 with 50 pounds extra in stack weight, that only costs around $80 more on Amazon.

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