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best home gym flooring

How to choose the best home gym flooring

While you may not be very concerned about flooring for your home gym, you have to know that flooring can make a huge difference not only for your floor but also for your joints, ligaments and bones. With all the various flooring options available out there, it may be difficult to identify the best one without thoroughly researching all the …

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build muscles with home gym equipment

Simple rules for building muscles with home gym equipment

Hitting the gym daily may be the best way to build muscles, but when your time or budget is limited, you have to find an effective method to get the same results using only your home gym equipment. Even if you are ready to pay a personal trainer to teach you some fitness routines, you still can find these simple …

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How to Create the Best Home Gym

When trying to create the best home gym for complex cardio and fitness workouts, there are some aspects to consider before you spend your money. A multifunctional and reliable home gym involves more than just buying some machines that manufacturers advertise as the best home gym equipment and placing them together in a large room. If you are curious to …

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home gym equipment for the upper body

Home gym equipment for the upper body

When looking for the best home gym equipment for the upper body, you have to consider a few things. The price of the machine you are planning to buy should not be the most important factor, but also its features, its upgrade possibilities, the need of extra accessories and extensions for performing a wider range of exercises, as well as …

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Recumbent vs Upright exercise bikes

Recumbent Exercise Bikes vs. Upright Exercise Bikes

As you know, buying any piece of home gym equipment can be a tough decision. The same applies for the decision what exercise bike to buy. The first thing to decide is whether you prefer classic, upright or recumbent exercise bikes. Only afterwards you should concentrate on finding the right model or brand for your fitness needs. However, you should …

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Rowing Machines vs. Elliptical Trainers

Both rowing machines and elliptical trainers are worthy pieces of home gym equipment, so if you are planning to build a workout room at home, you should consider investing in such devices. However, if your space and budget are limited, you may only want to buy one of these machines. Which is better home gym equipment for your needs – …

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Rowing Machines as Home Gym Equipment

Rowing Machines as Home Gym Equipment

You’ll find rowing machines in almost every gym. And there are very good reasons for that. Rowing machines are one of the best fitness machines available, offering both aerobic and anaerobic workouts, providing a huge benefit for the whole body. Although, at the first glance, the rowing machine provides only one exercise, a classic rowing exercise, it is a great …

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3 Reasons to Buy Dumbbells for Your Home Gym

Dumbbells should be included in every home gym. Period. The most obvious reasons are that they are easy to use and often are more affordable than other pieces of home gym equipment. And thanks to their versatility, you can incorporate them into both strength and cardio workouts. However, dumbbells have a lot more benefits than most people think. They can …

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elliptical trainers

5 Reasons to Buy an Elliptical Machine

There is no complete home gym without good cardio machine. You can choose to buy an elliptical machine, a treadmill, exercise bike or even rowing machine. While each of these machines will provide you an excellent cardio workout, convenience and benefits of using either of them isn’t the same.  For example, exercise bikes are great for cardio exercises, and there …

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Reasons to buy exercise bike for your home gym

Exercise bike is often considered as the most convenient home gym machine for cardio workouts thanks to their accessible price, ease of use, workout possibilities and little maintenance required. However, there are also negative aspects of exercise bikes and knowing them is essential before you decide to buy one for your home. If you are planning to build a home …

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