Home Gym Tips


How to Build the Perfect Home Gym for You?

A lot of time, thought, effort, and money can go into building a home gym that offers everything you’re looking for. Exercise variety, safety, aesthetics and also budget are all concerns when it comes to outfitting the home gym of your dreams. While many of us are keen to focus on the positive aspects of having a gym in our …

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Tips for Home Workouts

7 Big Tips for Getting Better Results from Home Workouts

Working out at home offers a lot of extra freedom than lugging a bag to the gym every day. Fighting traffic, waiting in line for equipment and of course; paying out the nose every month on membership fees! But, just because you’re working out in the comfort of your own home doesn’t mean the results will come any easier. Not …

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do-you need-a-mirror-in-your-home-gym-room

Are There Benefits to Adding a Mirror to Your Home Gym?

Fact is, some people get a real “lift” out of hoisting weights in front of a mirror. And, if you’re not happy with your appearance, staring yourself right in the eyes while crunching out a set of presses or while running on the treadmill can add a certain external motivating presence to your workout. Then there’s the other crowd. People …

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home gym maintenance

How to Maintain Your Home Gym Equipment (Properly!)

When most people hear the word “maintenance”, they instantly recoil in horror at the thought of having to hoist tools around and take greasy dirty components apart, clean them, then figure out how to put things back together again. In reality, there’s very little maintenance required to keep most modern home gym equipment in good working order. Home gym maintenance …

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Best Cardio Machines for Home Use

As you probably know, whatever your fitness or weight loss goals are, if you want to get the best results, you should incorporate both cardio and strength training into your workout routines. That’s why is important to have one machine for cardio exercises in your home gym. However, with all types of fitness equipment and tools available on the market, …

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Cable Crossover Machine

What are cable crossover machines?

The earliest cable crossover machines were designed by fitness legend Jack LaLanne. They are further improved by another fitness legend Harold Zinkin in the 1950s. Today, most gyms have a cable machine you can use for both weight and functional training. It’s typically a steel-framed structure, standing two meters high and about three meters wide, with weight stacks located on …

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Elliptical Machines

How does the elliptical machine work?

There are many reasons to buy an elliptical machine for your home gym. However, to get the most of your elliptical cardio sessions, you have to know how to use it correctly. Regardless of being intuitive exercise machine, many people keep an improper posture while performing elliptical workouts. Obviously, adopting a wrong position increases the risk of injuries and can …

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Home Gym Decoration Tips

You will have to think about home gym decoration only if you’re lucky enough to have a possibility to build your own home gym room. Contrary to popular belief, home gyms are not just for the rich and famous. You really don’t need top of the line home gym equipment if you can’t afford it because you can cheaply build …

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How to build a home gym on a budget

The easiest way to build a home gym is to buy some all-in-one home gym machine and done with it. However, it may not be an easy task if your budget is limited, as some home gym stations can be very expensive. They do have their benefits and advantages, but the basics for an effective home gym are those pieces …

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Home Gym Equipment for Fast Weight Loss

Home Gym Equipment for Fast Weight Loss

You can use home gym equipment not only for building, toning and defining muscles, but also for stimulating the fat burning processes inside your organism and accelerating weight loss. Contrary to the general opinion, endless hours spent on the treadmill cannot boost the metabolism and shed off pounds overnight. Actually, strength workouts are responsible for the spectacular transformations you can …

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