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How to perform HIIT on the treadmill

The treadmill is one of the most popular exercise machines around, offering a good cardiovascular workout that blasts fat away and helps you drop those unwanted pounds and sculpt a lean physique. Unfortunately, it is not immune to plateaus, so it’s not surprising that many find themselves stuck in the same level and no longer getting the results they once …

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Rowing machine workouts

Rowing machine workouts for legs and buttocks

Rowing machine workouts are a great way to exercise your whole body. Rhythmic aerobic exercises that you can do on a rowing machine are extremely effective when it comes to providing a thorough cardio workout on the simplest way possible. While the design of the rowing machine allows only one exercise – a classical rowing, it doesn’t prevent it to …

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Rowing machine workouts for the upper and lower body

As you know, rowing machines are simple yet versatile pieces of home gym equipment. Many people consider them as the best cardio exercise machines. Rowing machine workouts are great for training and toning all important muscle groups in your body. I already mentioned some benefits of rowing machines in the article Rowing Machines as Home Gym Equipment, so I suggest …

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HIIT using home gym rowing machines

How to perform HIIT on your rowing machine

High intensity interval trainings (HIIT) are the great way to get the most of your rowing machine. HIIT are workouts that alternate periods of short and intense exercises with less-intense recovery exercises. Rowing machines are probably the best cardio machines for total-body workouts, as they require almost the same effort from both your lower and your upper body. There are many …

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Bowflex home gym workouts

A Bowflex home gym machines are an excellent choice for anyone looking into building stronger muscles, gaining mass and burning fats away, as it offers an impressive versatility when it comes to the types of workouts it allows. Innovative and high quality, Bowflex home gyms are created for strength routines, their main goal being to enhance muscle tone and give …

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