Dumbbell Exercises That You Can Do At Home

Advanced dumbbell exercises

If you’re not a beginner and your fitness level allows you to, you can incorporate tougher dumbbell exercises in your daily routine to make it even more challenging.

Romanian deadlifts are excellent for building iron hamstrings, toning the glutes and strengthening lower back muscles. However, be very careful with this one and don’t use to much weight, as that can cause a nasty back injury.

Dumbbell hang-clean and press is a challenging yet very effective exercise you can do in your home gym using nothing but dumbbell sets and your body weight. Make sure to keep muscles contracted while lowering in the squat position and moving upward to the standing position. Pull the dumbbells up and towards the shoulders, driving your body’s movements with your hips and legs.

Russian dumbbell swings are excellent for your core area, especially for the oblique abdominal muscles. Try to keep your legs in place and to do the movement using only your upper body. Make sure you don’t use too heavy dumbbells in order to avoid spine injuries. This exercise tones your glutes and hips as well, so it’s a great exercise for the body.

For your core and back muscles, renegade rows and dumbbell windmills are excellent workouts, but they require some endurance and strength. Before you include these exercises in your routine, be sure that your muscles are powerful enough, or try with less repetitions and lighter weights at the beginning.

There are many other variations and workouts that you can do at home using only dumbbell sets. Just be aware that dumbbell exercises are extremely effective in toning and building leaner and stronger muscles. This is why I honestly recommend you to invest in a good set of regular or adjustable dumbbells.