Dumbbell Exercises That You Can Do At Home

If you’ve ever visited a good commercial gym, I bet you’ve seen many people doing exercises with dumbbells, despite being surrounded by the latest exercise machines. The thing is that dumbbell exercises can be just as effective in strengthening, toning and building muscles the same as the exercising on the most expensive machines in a commercial or home gym. The number of exercises that you can perform with dumbbells make them the most versatile pieces of home gym equipment.

You can use dumbbells to exercise all major muscle groups in your body. They can be effective for cardio routines, for increasing strength and maximizing the workout’s effects.

But what are those muscles that you can work out with dumbbells and what are the exercises you should do for toning each specific group? Look at these recommendations below and choose those exercises that train your target areas. Alternatively, you can do them all in a circuit routine, for a complete body workout!

Basic dumbbell exercises for major muscle groups

  • Dumbbell exercises for biceps – The most common dumbbell exercises for biceps are standing alternating curls, seating alternating curls, standing hammer curls, preacher curls and concentration or isolation curls.

  • Dumbbell exercises for triceps – For toning and strengthening triceps, the best exercises with dumbbells are kickbacks and seating, lying or standing extensions. The dumbbell press – which targets mainly the pectorals – is also a good exercise for triceps.