BodyCraft T3 Power Tower

BodyCraft T3 Power Tower Review

The BodyCraft T3 Life Tree Total Training Power Tower is a very polished looking apparatus that has a lot going on in terms of the exercise options it offers.

One look at the BodyCraft T3 and you can instantly see it’s much different from many of its competitors. This unit offers unique features and a very robust build quality that cheaper versions such as the Weider Power Tower do not.

Standout Features:

Sturdier frame

The frame is made of solid 12-gauge steel, formed from ¼-inch steel. This is a feature that’s often found on commercial “gym quality” equipment. The build quality of the T3 promises to provide unheralded stability for people who are overweight, or those who want to do more aggressive exercises like kipping pullups.

55cm stability ball instead of traditional backrest

The T3 sets itself apart by adding a 55cm stability ball where a backrest would typically go on other bodyweight stations. This ball acts as a backrest when doing leg raises, while allowing the user a wider variety of added angles when performing core and hip flexor movements like leg and knee raises. The ball also allows you to work the lower back via hyperextensions, planks and many other exercises. It’s also removable and can be used to do Swiss ball exercises on the floor.

Ab slings and resistance bands

The 8” padded ab slings are adjustable and removable. This allows you to do supported leg raises, oblique twists and a variety of trunk exercises without having to support yourself on flimsy padded handles, which is often difficult for people who’re out of shape.

Three sets of quality latex resistance bands are also included, with multiple attachment points all over the frame, which can add limitless variety to your exercise routine. If you choose to anchor the BodyCraft T3 to the floor, you can incorporate lower body exercises into your routine such as squats, lunges, deadlifts, hamstring curls – and also perform adduction and abduction exercises using the bands for resistance.

The high quality latex resistance bands can also be used for doing assisted pullups and dips.


  • Chin Bar – Multiple grip positions with padded outer handles.
  • Dip Bars – Includes an upper and lower set of oversized dip bars for conventional dips (upper), feet-on-the-floor “reverse dips” (lower), pushups and pushup-style planks (lower). The upper dip bars can also be used for supported leg and knee raises in lieu of the ab slings.
  • Anti-Burst Stability Ball – Removable for use as a Swiss ball. Provides support for a variety of core exercises when mounted on the apparatus including hyperextensions, which aren’t possible on many other similar units.
  • Resistance Bands – Can be used for self-assisted chins and dips, along with other functional movements like twists, chops, lunges, squats and deadlifts. Also great for isolation movements like shoulder press, upright rows, curls and overhead extensions. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

Pros of the BodyCraft T3 Power Tower


The T3 is all about offering you the ultimate in comfort while you work your entire body. From the stable 12-gauge frame, to the 55cm stability ball, to the padded chin and dip bars. The adjustable ab slings and multiple upper attachment points also ensure safety while performing leg raises and twisting core exercises.


The T3 comes with a lifetime frame and parts warranty and 90 days for the high-wear items (stability ball, bands, slings).


The list of exercises that can be done with the BodyCraft T3 Life Tree Total Training Power Tower is too numerous to list. BodyCraft states that over 100 exercises are possible, and that isn’t hard to believe with the addition of the 55cm stability ball, ab slings and resistance bands (and multiple attachment points) which are unique to this piece of equipment. Check this video for a sample of exercises that can be done with T3 Power Tower:

Reasonable Footprint

The footprint of the BodyCraft T3 (45″ W x 47″ D x 83″ H) is the same as that of the Weider Power Tower and actually smaller than it is in most similar models.

Cons of the BodyCraft T3 Power Tower

No Weight-Limit Listed in Specs

Customers should not have to guess the weight capacity for equipment when paying over $800. One could assume that the 12-gauge tubing should be able to support well over 300 pounds, and I believe it must. However, Iron Company does not list a weight capacity for the T3. This is a major oversight on their part, particularly for those interested in using it for weighted pullups, chins and dips – or performing more advanced CrossFit movements like kips and muscleups.


The $799 price tag (at the time of this review) can be a bit daunting when you see other bodyweight stations starting at less than $200. Of course, the quality of the T3 is above and beyond what cheaper models offer in terms of number of exercises that can be performed and overall build quality.


If you’re looking for a sturdy bodyweight station that will last, I’d definitely have to recommend the BodyCraft T3 Power Tower. The quality construction offers a sturdier platform to do your exercises and the extra equipment Iron Company has added make this a smart purchase for anyone looking to do functional bodyweight exercises from the comfort of their own home.

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