Body Solid SBL460P4 Freeweight Leverage Gym

Review of the Body Solid SBL460P4 Freeweight Leverage Gym Package

I’m going to tell you right now that this machine is pretty fancy and I think it’s a great purchase for people who want to work with actual weights (not resistance bands, cables, glide boards, etc.) The main standout feature of the Body Solid SBL460P4 Freeweight Leverage Gym Package is the fact that you can work out with heavy weights, in ultimate comfort and safety.

As you’ll note in the picture: each station is designed in the same way the (very) expensive and popular Hammer Strength machines are, with Olympic plates mounted on levers that pivot on high quality bearings.

While anything can happen, I’d hazard a guess that it’s near impossible to hurt yourself using this setup, making it perfect for beginner, intermediate and advanced users to get a great workout at home.

And a great workout you’ll get! The base unit gives you access to every strength and muscle-building exercise you can dream of.

The long list of movements you can do with the Body Solid SBL460P4 includes:

  • Bench Press (*Upright Seated Bench Only – Optional Attachment Required for: Incline, Flat & Decline option)
  • Flyes
  • Pullovers
  • Bent Rows
  • Deadlifts
  • One-Arm Rows
  • Lat Pulldowns
  • Good Mornings
  • Upright Rows
  • Shrugs
  • Military Press (Standing & Seated)
  • Front Shoulder Press
  • Lat Raises
  • Reverse Flyes
  • Regular Bicep Curls (Standing & Seated; Regular & Reverse)
  • Preachers (Regular & Reverse Grip)
  • Wrist Curls (Front & Rear Facing)
  • Close-Grip Bench
  • Tricep Extensions (Lying, Overhead, Pushdowns)
  • Calf Raises
  • Squats (Front & Rear)
  • Calf Raises
  • Lunges
  • Leg Curls
  • Leg Extensions (*Optional Attachment Required – Included With Adjustable Bench)
  • Leverage Squat (*Optional Attachment Required)
  • Leverage Calf Raise (*Optional Attachment Required)
  • Ab Crunches
  • Oblique Crunches

Check this video to get a picture of how it looks in practice:

I’ll explain the optional attachments further down the page.

Specs for the Body Solid SBL460P4 Freeweight Leverage Gym Package:

The specs are quite impressive for a non-commercial home gym.

  • Footprint: 83″ W x 107″ L x 126″ H (you’ll definitely need a larger dedicated area, but this is to be expected with the range of movements and safety features offered.)
  • Total Weight: 705 pounds.
  • Durability: The SBL460P4 uses 10” and 11” steel to form the 3” x 3” tubing that makes up the framework (each weld-point is fully welded on all 4 sides of the tube, at every connection; lower-quality units will take shortcuts and tack weld each side or only fully weld two sides of the square tube which decreases strength.) Each part is power-coated for a sleek chip and scratch resistant finish.
  • Safety: Safety guards are installed at every station to prevent getting pinned under heavy weights and/or hyper-extending your joints.
  • Comfort: The seats and cushions feature 2” and 3” thick pads for ultimate comfort. The levers pivot on pillow-block bearings, mounted in quiet and long-lasting bronze bushings. Each station features several adjustments so that anyone of any size or height can do each exercise comfortably.

Pros for the Body Solid SBL460P4:

  • You can do a strength and bodybuilding workout for the entire body.
  • Very sharp-looking, something that’s sure to impress your friends.
  • Extremely well built and long lasting.
  • Lifetime warranty on all parts.
  • Will pay for itself in a year or less, with the savings of not having to pay for a gym membership.

Cons for the Body Solid SBL460P4:

  • Not the cheapest way to outfit your home gym, especially if you by all the attachments (FID46 that allows for adjustable bench pressing and leg extensions; and LSA50 for doing leverage squats and standing calf raises – each cost around $500 extra.)
  • There are a lot of parts to assemble.
  • It will certainly take up a lot of extra space with its 83″ W x 107″ L x 126″ H footprint.
  • The SBL460P4, combined with 200-300 pounds of Olympic plates will be over 1000 pounds and may not be suitable for areas of the home with thin or questionable wood flooring.


The Body Solid SBL460P4 is a great purchase option. Even without the added attachments, you can still do every single exercise necessary to grow and strengthen your muscles, and do them safely without the need for a spotter. It’s also a great option for personal trainers who work out of their home, as there’s enough room/work stations for up to three people to work out at once. For this same reason, it’s perfect for working out with your family.

The one thing I want to reiterate is about the weight of the SBL460P4: please make sure the flooring in the area you want to set it up can support the weight of this and any other equipment you might own, including free weights, before settling on your purchase of this home gym.

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