Body-Solid G6B Home Gym

Body-Solid G6B Home Gym Review

The G6B is yet another great piece of all-in-one functional workout equipment from Body-Solid. It’s a mid-range single-stack designed home gym, falling between the much smaller G1S budget-home-gym and the much larger (and expensive) commercial-gym-rated G10B double stack model.


  • Footprint: 85″ L x 50″ W x 83.5″ H
  • 210 pound “selectorized” weight stack with option to upgrade to 260 pounds
  • 6 workout stations in one
  • 4.5” high impact “smoothglide” ball bearing pulleys
  • 2,200 pound-rated aircraft cables
  • 2” x 3” 11-gauge steel frame
  • Lifetime warranty

Main Features of the Body-Solid G6B

Bi-Angular Technology

The G6B Home Gym brings Body-Solid’s patented “Bi-Angular” technology to their converging press station – forcing both sides of your body to work individually and in a more natural form than other lever arm equipment offers. This feature adds more balanced tone and strength to the body than a barbell and is similar to the balanced resistance you’d get from doing dumbbell presses; without the added safety risks or need for a spotter to assist you.

Plenty of Weight

Though it’s only a single-stack; the G6B offers 210 pounds of resistance, with the option to add an extra 50 pounds to the stack at any time by purchasing their weight stack add-on (see it on Amazon). I’m sure you could easily add your own extra weight plates via common “jerry-rigging” methods too. Most commercial gym stacks only go up to 300 pounds, so the option to use at least 260 means you’re not really compromising by working out at home instead of the gym.

Tough Cables

Body-Solid never slouches on their cable strength either, using 2,200 pound tensile strength “military-grade” cables, matched with durable 4.5” pulleys. As with all modern Body-Style home gyms, you never have to change any cables when going from one exercise to the next.

Fully Adjustable

The telescoping gas-assisted adjustable seats are also a nice standout feature on the Body-Solid G6B Home Gym. The foot and knee positions on the leg developer station are also adjustable for people with different heights.

Foot Brace for Seated Rows

They’ve also included a flip up foot brace under the seat for doing heavy seated rows, which is a great feature for bodybuilding workouts.

Lumbar Supported Seats

For those of you who have back problems (or would like to avoid them), the G6B has built-in lumbar support to protect you while you’re performing seated movements. This is a feature only offered on the G6B and higher models.

Pros of the Body-Solid G6B Home Gym:

  • Lots of variety in exercises you can perform.
  • Plenty of weight adjustment, with option to add more weight to stack.
  • Bi-Angular technology offers balanced upper body development.
  • Strong pulley cables ensure safe workouts.
  • Flip up foot brace for seated rows.
  • No need to change any cables between exercises.
  • No-charge lifetime warranty on all parts.
  • Great value for a mid-priced home gym.

Cons of the Body-Solid G6B Home Gym:

  • 2” x 3” square main frame should be 3” x 3” – when offering a gym capable of over 200 pounds of resistance (this is my opinion only, but the G6B does have a lifetime warranty, so what do I know?)
  • Offering so many exercises in one piece of equipment means that some stations may get in the way of others when doing certain exercises.
  • Claims of over 50 possible exercises are a little over-hyped (you’ll get a great workout, but 50 exercises on this one piece of equipment is a little hard to swallow).


You won’t find a home multigym with this kind of weight capacity and build quality in the sub $3000 range. It just won’t happen. Particularly when you consider Body-Solid warranties all their products for the life of your ownership.

The Body-Solid G6B Home Gym is definitely worth the price. Don’t forget to add the 50-pound weight stack if you decide to buy!

Check on Amazon for more info!