Body Solid G10B Bi-Angular Home Gym

Body-Solid G10B Bi-Angular Home Gym Review

The Body-Solid G10B Bi-Angular Home Gym is definitely way up there in terms of quality when it comes to complete all-in-one resistance trainers. This commercial-grade equipment has a lot of standout features, including rugged construction and the ability to work every muscle group.

The amount of weight that can be loaded on the G10B is really impressive. It comes standard with two 210-pound stacks, and there’s an upgrade option available on Body-Solid’s website to add an extra 50-pounds per stack.

Similar home gyms of this quality will retail for $3000 – $5000 at most local fitness equipment retailers, and you’ll pay shipping too; unless you have a vehicle you can load a near 1000-pound box into!


  • 135” W x 83.5” H x 84” D (with optional leg press)
  • Dual 210-pound weight stacks
  • Entire setup weighs 941-pounds
  • DuraFirm padding
  • Body-Solid’s “Bi-angular technology”
  • Built in lumbar support pads
  • 2” x 3” steel used in frame
  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • Free shipping (available on Amazon only)

Stations Included:

  • Chest press
  • High pulley (lat pulldown, pullovers, seated crunches, etc.)
  • Low pulley (seated rows, bicep curls, shrugs, upright rows, side raises, etc.)
  • Pec deck (can also be used for reverse flyes for the rear delts)
  • Leg extension/Ham curl

Optional Attachments:

  • Leg press attachment available on ($1045)
  • 50-pounds of weight per stack add-on available on Amazon ($110 per side)

Unfortunately, the leg press upgrade isn’t available on Amazon currently, so expect to pay shipping if/when you decide to upgrade. The weight add-on at $2 a pound is an extremely good deal if shipping costs are reasonable.

Pros of the Body-Solid G10B Bi-Angular Home Gym

  • Each handle on the seated chest press is connected to its own stack, allowing for balanced resistance on each side of the upper body.
  • Bi-Angular design provides the same natural plane of movement you’d get with free weights, without the safety issues.
  • Built with safety in mind, so you can exercise without a spotter.
  • Excellent out-of-the-box resistance with dual 210-pound weight stacks
  • Ability to add extra 50-pounds to each at a later time
  • The design allows room for you to add your own weight to the stack (though I’m sure they’d caution against doing this.)
  • Built-in lumbar support pads to protect your lower back.
  • Comes with lat bar, and leg and wrist straps that connect to the cables for a variety of isolation exercises.
  • Seats, levers and leg station are fully adjustable for height and leg/arm length.
  • Lifetime warranty comes standard with purchase.

Cons of the Body-Solid G10B Bi-Angular Home Gym:

  • Only uses 2” x 3” frame (would prefer to see a mixture of 3” x 3” and 2” x 3”, which would increase the weight of the G10B, but also increase the durability of the framing too.)
  • No compound leg exercises available without purchasing the $1000+ leg press attachment.
  • While the seated chest press works the shoulders thoroughly, there’s no way to do compound shoulder pressing exercises.
  • Assembly required (the reviews indicate that it’s a rather long process; expect to spend at least a few hours setting it up.)
  • Unknown footprint due to the fact that the dimensions (135” W x 83.5” H x 84” D) only list what it WOULD be if you buy the leg press. Of course this gives you a ballpark, but you won’t know exactly how it’ll look/fit in your space until the G10B’s assembled.


Even though you’d have to pay extra for the leg press feature and the Body-Solid G10B doesn’t have a squat feature either, the $2499 price tag on Amazon and free shipping make this all-in-one workout station a great deal. It’s doubtful you can find equipment that offers functional movements and so much weight capacity (both included and with the optional 50-pound add-on) in this price range.

Note: I’d definitely recommend buying the leg press station for an extra $1000 if you want to compound movements for the lower body.

Check on Amazon for more info!