do-you need-a-mirror-in-your-home-gym-room

Are There Benefits to Adding a Mirror to Your Home Gym?

Fact is, some people get a real “lift” out of hoisting weights in front of a mirror. And, if you’re not happy with your appearance, staring yourself right in the eyes while crunching out a set of presses or while running on the treadmill can add a certain external motivating presence to your workout.

Then there’s the other crowd. People who don’t care if they have a mirror in their bathroom, let alone their home gym. This type of exercise enthusiast would rather be left to their own thoughts than be distracted by theirs and other people’s reflections while doing a workout. Whether mirrors can help you lift a ton more weight or help spur you on through an intense cardio session is a matter of debate.

There are more reasons to add a mirror to your workout area than simple motivation or (gasp) flat out narcissism. If you’re considering adding one or two to your home gym room, here’s a few reasons that you might not have thought of:

Mirrors help you perfect technique

Sure, it’s nice to see how great you think you look while hoisting some impressive weights. Most people, men in particular, take great pride in doing so. However, when you’re trying a new exercise on your home gym, or attempting a hot new stretch or yoga pose on your floor mat, mirrors are a godsend.

Good technique is essential to injury prevention. Most times, you won’t have people around to correct your technique while working out at home. A mirror helps you see how you’re doing and to assess how to correct what’s wrong.

Mirrors add light to darker rooms

Commercial gym owners have long known the benefits of mirrors extend beyond giving their clients the ability to stare at themselves (and others) in the mirror.

Mirrors reflect and magnify light like a magnifying glass set out in the sun. For commercial gym owners, this allows them to turn down the intensity of their lights while maintaining a well-lit workout area. Saving thousands a year in utility bills in the process.

For you, the home user, a mirror can make the difference between a dimly lit, depressing basement workout area and a bright, spacious-feeling place you actually enjoy getting in shape in.

Mirrors keep you company

Even if that person staring back at you is you, it’s still better than feeling like you’re going through the motions all on your own. If you’re really secure in your own skin and confident you’re completely sane and present; pretend the person in the mirror is someone else. That person thinks you’re a total stud, or a complete hottie that has the most gorgeous body they’ve ever seen.

They love watching you work out and you’re not going to disappoint them by quitting early, are you? Let your imagination run wild. Just don’t take it too far!

Mirrors add cheap aesthetics

Your idea of the perfect workout room might be a barren room with concrete floors, broken light fixtures, and moldy drywall with holes punched through it. If that’s you, then you might only want a mirror to look at yourself in, or perhaps not have one at all.

For those who want a clean, contemporary environment to workout in, a mirror – or several mirrors adds an inexpensive finishing touch to their home gym room. You can spend $10 or $20 and come away with some nice mirrors for your gym. You can also go fancy and buy some really pricey, elegant mirrors to make your home gym feel like a place that costs you thousands a year in membership fees to visit.

Should you install a mirror (or more than one) in your home gym room?

As always, the choice is yours. Hopefully, you’re now a little better armed to make the right decision.