Bayou Fitness Total Trainer DLX-III Home Gym

Bayou Fitness Total Trainer DLX-III Home Gym Review

The Total Trainer DLX-III from Bayou Fitness is a polished chrome-plated resistance trainer, made for people who want to build functional strength and burn fat using one piece of equipment. This piece of equipment is also a great idea for those of you who’d like to add some additional variety to your current home gym setup, without taking up a great deal of additional space.

Bayou’s Total Trainer machines are a great cost-saving alternative to the Total Gym, which can cost upwards of $1000 to purchase. The DLX-III model is still far less expensive than the Total Gym XLS and it does come with a few updated features over its precursor: the Bayou Fitness Total Trainer 4000-XL.

I recently reviewed the Total Trainer 4000-XL in another post. Bayou calls the DLX-III their premium home edition model, and it does have a few stand-out features over its precursor.

DLX-III vs 4000-XL

The slightly more expensive Bayou Fitness Total Trainer DLX-III boasts 4 new features over its predecessor:

  1. Increased weight capacity (only 15 pounds more than the 4000-XL though.)
  2. Chrome-plated glide board rails.
  3. Smoother glide board ball bearings.
  4. Larger glide board and squat platform.

Total Trainer DLX-III Specs Out of the Box:

  • In use: 20” x 48” x 94” (W x H x D)
  • Folded for storage: 20” x 50” x 14” (W x H x D)
  • 14” x 46” Glide Board (W x D)
  • New Larger squat platform (5.5” taller and 4” wider than all previous Total Trainers)

Value-Added Features:

  • Arrives fully assembled and double-boxed.
  • Folds up easily for storage.
  • Large castors make it easy to push/pull from one location to another.
  • 3 & 4-point pulleys.
  • Power weight bars for adding additional free weights.
  • 11 levels of resistance (ranging from 4 to 69 percent of your total bodyweight.)
  • Dual side glide board pulleys.
  • Ball-bearing design on glide board bearings.
  • Dual rail glide board system for added performance.
  • Chrome plated for easy cleaning and gleaming appearance.
  • 400-pound weight capacity.
  • 6’7 user-height-limit.
  • Unit only weighs 102 pounds.
  • 14 free workout guides.

Attachments & Accessories:

  • Curl Press bar, Pro AB Crunch Strap, Power Weight Bar, Pull/Push-Up Bar, Sit-Up Cuff, Upgraded Squat Board, Bicep “Power Flex” Attachment, 2 Leg Cuffs, Pilates Toe Bar, Instructional DVD, 4 Program Cards.

Pros of the Bayou Fitness Total Trainer DLX-III

  • Small footprint, easy storage.
  • Preassembled.
  • Able to work the entire body (comes with several attachments.)
  • Chrome plating looks sharp compared to paint.
  • Less expensive than Total Gym.
  • Ability to perform 70+ exercises.
  • Power weight bars allow extra weight to be added.
  • 1 year warranty.

Cons of the Bayou Fitness Total Trainer DLX-III:

  • Limited resistance for bodybuilding workouts.
  • At over $100 more than the 4000-XL, the limited added features may not justify the higher price tag for many people.
  • Several reviews indicate the bearings may become noisy after several months of use.


The Bayou Fitness Total Trainer DLX-III is definitely a good value. If the shiny chrome plating and larger squat and glide board are features that are worth shelling out an extra $100 for (over the 4000-XL) then I say go for it.

Bayou is also one of the few glide board resistance machine manufacturers to offer a 1 year warranty (Total Gym only offers a 6 month guarantee, Weider only offers 30 days on their version.)

Note: If you need even more resistance, Bayou also offers the Total Trainer Power Pro, which has a 500-pound capacity.

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