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How to Workout like a Pro Using Your Home Gym

You don’t need an expensive gym membership to build muscle, lose weight, or just get in better shape. The only reason to buy a commercial gym membership is if it’s more convenient or desirable for you: If you don’t have room for even the most basic equipment at home, buy a gym membership. If you find it easier to go …

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The Only 4 Tips You Need to Know to Lose Weight Fast

While many people have found their weight loss goals to be stifled on past attempts, the following tips can help you start losing weight immediately. All you need is a little willpower and some good advice to get you started on the path to the body you’ve always wanted. What you won’t find as you read this is the typical …

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Free Health Apps

10 Useful and Free Health Apps for Your Smartphone

If you’re like most people living in the free world, you spend way too much time on your smartphone. In fact, most people have an unhealthy addiction to their mobile device that it’s actually bad for their health. Whether it be the wireless radiation they emit, or the fact they’re so effective at distracting you while walking down the street …

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Home Gym Safety Tips

8 Home Gym Safety Tips to Help Keep You Safe

Those of you who like to work out at home likely do so for the flexibility and freedom a home gym offers. However, safety has to be much more of a concern when working out at home. Your local gym has employees on staff to help keep a clean and safe environment for their members at all times. Most times …

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5 Tips to Cut Workout Recovery Time in Half

Recovery from a single workout takes a lot longer than most of us think. While the soreness may go away after a couple or 3 days (when you’re young), it can take up to 7 full days for the body to replenish what was lost, and repair what was damaged during your last workout. In order to maximize muscle gains …

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Rowing Machine in Your Home Gym

6 Benefits of Including a Rowing Machine in Your Home Gym

One of our top recommendations right now for getting a great cardio workout at home is the rowing machine. Very few pieces of equipment offer the reasonable footprint, low cost, all-body resistance, and massive calorie burn offered by a quality indoor rower. Several online and offline publications rate rowing in their top 5 list of most recommended machine-based cardio exercises …

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Benefits of Morning Exercise

5 Good Reasons to Exercise in the Morning

If you were to take a poll of ten people you know and trust, asking them when they most prefer to work out, it’s pretty likely that way more than half of them would NOT say they love to exercise in the morning. Though it does take some time to getting used to, and you might have to fight with …

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