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Elliptical trainer workouts

How to do HIIT on elliptical trainer

We have already written about how to do HIIT on the treadmill and how to do HIIT on the rowing machine, and now is time to give some tips how to do the same using an elliptical trainer. As you probably know, HIIT or high intensity interval training is probably one of the best cardio exercises that one can do. …

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Leg exercises to do with a home gym machine

Leg exercises can be performed either using home gym machines, fitness tools like dumbbells, kettlebells or barbells or using only your body weight. However, from all these alternatives, workouts done on home gym machines are usually the best for building stronger muscles, gaining mass and trimming fats, as resistance can be adapted based on your fitness level and body size. …

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Dumbbell Exercises That You Can Do At Home

If you’ve ever visited a good commercial gym, I bet you’ve seen many people doing exercises with dumbbells, despite being surrounded by the latest exercise machines. The thing is that dumbbell exercises can be just as effective in strengthening, toning and building muscles the same as the exercising on the most expensive machines in a commercial or home gym. The …

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Cable Crossover Machine

What are cable crossover machines?

The earliest cable crossover machines were designed by fitness legend Jack LaLanne. They are further improved by another fitness legend Harold Zinkin in the 1950s. Today, most gyms have a cable machine you can use for both weight and functional training. It’s typically a steel-framed structure, standing two meters high and about three meters wide, with weight stacks located on …

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Elliptical Machines

How does the elliptical machine work?

There are many reasons to buy an elliptical machine for your home gym. However, to get the most of your elliptical cardio sessions, you have to know how to use it correctly. Regardless of being intuitive exercise machine, many people keep an improper posture while performing elliptical workouts. Obviously, adopting a wrong position increases the risk of injuries and can …

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Resistance Bands – The Travelers Workout!

Actually, not just travelers can benefit from resistance bands, as it’s a great tool even for your home gym. However, because they’re space saving tools, resistance bands are perfect for the office, small apartment, and especially that backpack while you’re traveling! Before we get started on the workouts, let’s take a quick look at what they are. What are resistance …

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