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Gym equipment names

Perhaps knowing the exact names of gym machines is not your top priority when buying a machine for your home gym room. But, if you want to learn gym equipment names just to better understand what each machine does for your body, then keep reading. The main characteristic of gym machines is that most of them are explicitly designed to work with specific muscle groups in your body. In other words, they are designed for isolation exercises.

What are isolation exercises?

If you want to build specific muscles, there isn’t better way than doing isolation exercises. As the name implies, isolation exercises involve movements that target a specific joint or muscle group.

However, if you want to make the best out of any isolation exercise machine, you have to know and understand how each one works and what you can expect from any of them. Also, keep in mind that since isolation exercises target specific joints and muscle groups, it’s always a good idea to do them in combination with other exercises in order to have well-balanced workouts.

Isolation exercises can be also great for people who are in the recovery process or who want to correct some muscular imbalance.

The Most Popular Gym Machines:

This is a brief overview of the most popular and the most common gym machines:

bench press machine1. The chest press machine

The chest press machine is probably the most famous piece of gym equipment. It is designed for chest workouts, but it trains shoulders and triceps as well. All machines in this category have adjustable seats and weight stacks and they are seated, incline or decline.

pec fly machine2. The chest fly machine

The chest fly machine (also called pec fly machine) only targets one group of muscles – the chest. Available in two models, seated and supine, these machines are equipped with pads for increased comfort and allow you to adjust the distance between the pads. Although exercises done with this gym machine also involve triceps and shoulders, these only act as stabilizers so they are not pumped and strengthen during the fly chest routine.

shoulder press machine3. Shoulder press machine

As its name implies, shoulder press machine works the shoulders, but also tones and shapes the triceps. Handles are pulled over head with slow, controlled motions, and lowered back to ear level, elbows being kept bent during the exercises.

lat pulldown machine

4. Lat pull-down machine

Lat pull-down gym machine is for compound exercises, working the muscles in shoulders, biceps, neck, upper and mid back. The natural arch in the lower back should be maintained throughout the routine to prevent injuries and muscles should be contracted during the movements for maximum benefits.

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